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2017 Heifer Calves For Sale:

mating: calved: tag #: aaa: Price:
0A38 x WR Journey August 2017 795 18900536 $7,000
0A38 x MGR Treasure Sept. 2017 760 18900538 $8,000
0A38 x VAR Foreman Oct. 2017 704 18900541 $7,500
3F15 x Rampage 0A36 Oct. 2017 710 18900540 $7,000
3F15 x Rampage 0A36 Oct. 2017 718 18900542 $7,500

- All heifers have been 50k tested
- Heifers will be weaned at 7 months of age
- Pick-up or shipping can be arranged 2 weeks after the heifer is weaned
- Buyer is expected to arrange and pay for shipping


Embryos for sale:

Donor: QHF Blackcap 0a38 (Reg. # 16925773)
 Full sister to Rampage
4 Embryos by GAR 100X $850/each
4 Embryos by KCF Absolute $850/each
4 Embryos by 44 Trending $750/each
Donor: Miss Lucy C235 (Reg. # 18107057)
Full sister to KCF Absolute
4 Embryos by VAR Discovery $800/each
4 Embryos by VAR Commander $800/each
Donor: sjh complete of 6108 of 1522 (Reg. # 17161749)
Full sister to bobo rita 1559 out of drmtcr 1I1 rita 6108
3 Embryos by Rampage $1000/each
4 Embryos by KCF Absolute $900/each
4 Embryos by Ten X $900/each
4 Embryos by 44 Trending $750/each
4 Embryos by WR Journey $750/each
Donor: Rita 3f15 of 5f56 bg (Reg. # 18095763)
daughter of rita 5f56; granddaughter of famous rita 1I98
4 Embryos by VAR Discovery $700/each
4 Embryos by SAV Pedigree $700/each

- All embryos above are IVF collected by TransOva
- Stored at Professional Embryo Services; Franklin, KY
- Buyer is responsible for shipping cost

Five Peppers Farm is a part of the Decades of Excellence Group. Our annual sale is held on the first Saturday in November at Fancy Free Farm Unionville, TN. Also look for us at the National Angus Finals Sale, held in Las Vegas each December.

To find out what we currently have available, please watch this page for updated sale information or we invite you to contact us anytime.

Decades of Excellence Annual Female Sale  will be held:
Saturday, November 3, 2018 | 12pm CDT
Hosted by Fancy Free Farm - 403 Maxwell Chapel Rd. | Unionville, TN 37180 

The Decades Group

The Decades Group

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